moments at our school


One of the hallmarks that have marked out our institution is our quest for excellence in all we do. We have been able to entrench the values that make us a reference point for major players in the beauty industry. It is impossible to talk about the experiences we are having without mentioning how it all began.

We at Majestic Beauty Academy had a Dream to bring people from all over the world to live and study in Japan. We wanted them to experience the Japanese culture and lifestyle. Our school is not just a place where you learn nail techniques, esthetic or even eyelash; our school is a place where you can make friends, experience Japanese culture and build your Career. It is interesting to mention that many international students who have been part of what we do keep attesting to our very high level of operation.

We have 3 main courses that we teach in our School namely:

  • Nail Techniques
  • Esthetic and
  • Eyelash

Our goal is to get many people from different countries to join our school because we love to meet new people from different countries.

If you are interested in studying in our School, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you in living and studying in Japan.